Laird of the Human Lludd Clan


Culain is the Kaing (lord or king) of the Lludd clan of humans, and was the first to call for the clans to leave the Kaer of Dan-Yr-Ogof. He was joined only by the Thanes of the Long Spear Orcs and the Thane of the Trolls, Karmash and Kavalan.

Culain commands respect even amongst his enemies, not in the least due to his massive size and prestigious strength, but also because of his wily intelligence – a trait that he is careful to disguise in order to throw his opponents off.

Legend and history tells that Culain once fought a horror and its constructs single handedly, after they broke into one of the lower caves of Dan-Yr-Ogof through a waterway. It is told he went berserk and laughed as the spikes of the enemy pierced his skin, whilst driving his spear through seven at a time and painting the walls with their blood. Although he is always quick to point out he was actually joined by his friends in order to finish them off, it is known that he held the cave alone for several minutes until they arrived.

Of course, time is the enemy none can defeat and more of Culain’s massive size is made up of winter fat than it used to be, and occasionally his menacing stare is aimed the wrong direction. None take this as a sign of weakness though, as even in recent months he has shown that his legendary baresark rage is still potent and he’ll bite an opponents throat out if he has to.

Culain recently granted protection and friendship to the survivors of the Content Not Found: TenTall Tribe, and even offered to train Kronos – one of the half-giant heroes of the tribe. This expanded the residents of the new village he has founded and gained them extra protection, but has also added extra (much larger) mouths to feed to his concerns.

The Human Kaing is known to always carry a spear named Ariandant, which appears to be made of silver. When trouble is expected he dons armour made from the hide of a great bear, and he rarely travels without his favoured massive grey wolf hounds. His beard holds more silver hairs that black these days, even though it is full and resting upon his chest. At just under six foot, he shouldn’t be the most imposing of men – but his sky blue eyes stare through those he converses with, and his booming bass voice intimidates or reassures as he sees fit.



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