Thane of the Long Speak Orcs


A close friend to Kavalan, Karmash is an archer and (some whisper) sorcerer, his near mystical abilities with the bow ensure few are foolish enough to think distance make them safe from him.

Like many of the clan that he leads, Karmash is a decent enough rider and also adept with a long spear (to skewer an enemy from horseback). But he wields his longbow – Stone String – to amazing effect and it is his preferential weapon.

Karmash has shown on several occasions his ability to rouse his men to heroic effort, and his voice (even for an orc) is pleasing and entrancing – which often leads folk to suspect he has been touched by the Tuatha themselves.

Karmash is younger than the three other leaders to have left Dan-Yr-Ogof, but his council is eagerly sought and listened to. Especially in this brave new world.



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