Thane of the Troll clan


Kavalan has led the Troll clan of the Hukkadd Trolls for the last fifteen years. He is a renowned Warrior and also occasional Bard, who as a youngster stood alongside Culain when Horrors breached the kaer.

His bright red hair have often led friends and enemies alike to call him Kavalan the Brand, though his calm demeanor belies this name and has gained him respect for his credible battle tactics and defence plans.

Although he rarely gets a chance to (until the opening of the Kaer) Kavalan loves to ride his massive combat trained Granlain, and beats at his enemies with long-spears or his troll-battle axe which has been passed down his family for generations.

Whilst the doors of Dan-Yr-Ogof were closed he could be found mulling logistical problems from the Hukkadd Thane seat or regaling his clansmen with song and story in their moot-cave. Now the doors have been thrown open and the clans have made their way to new land, it’s anyones guess as to his desires.



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