Fir-Bolg Beserker


Kronos is one of the heroes of the Ten Tree Fir-Bolg clan. He is older than the other namegivers he has met so far (that are not Fir-Bolg), Kronos has not been given much time to build his own legend as his tribe only recently came out from the protective grove.

He was instrumental in gaining a place for his tribe in the Lludd clan, and helped them defeat packs of wolves (which sought to take cattle) during the journey to their new home.

The Ten Tall tribe was recently decimated by a group of unknown assailants, that were aided in their attack by some form of mystical ice wolves. During this mist shrouded melee Vaargo helped Kronos to defeat the ice wolves. Kronos himself was able to save the Laird of the Ten Tall and several of his brethren whilst smashing a few of the terrible beasts to jelly.

Culain of the Lludd clan recently aided in Kronos’ training as a Berserker as thanks for his aid against the wolf attack.



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