Elven archer and hero of the Lludd clan


Vaargo’s ancestral family sought refuge in Dan-Yr-Ogof before the Frost-Heim, as they were welcome in neither the Content Not Found: Aes_ nor _Content Not Found: Ban courts of the Sidhe – they were wilder elves, stalking the forests and glens; ignoring the planes of the otherworlds.

They proved themselves time and again during the Scourge, and were welcomed into the Lludd clan as indomitable hunters and scouts. They had earned themselves a package of land for their time, as promised by Culain’s great great great grandfather – but Vaargo’s actions have recently made them land-owners in their own right.

Chosen as one of the heroes to follow the path of Davidd Iron Arm, Vaargo took three non-adept cohorts into the wilds of Brython and returned with news of Davidd’s fate and a route to the land of plenty. He has been named as a hero of the clan by Culain and was apportioned a large parcel of farmland and cattle.

His most recent adventure saw him making acquaintance with a Fir-Bolg tribe, specifically the half-giant Kronos, and in doing so he offered the survivors of this tribe some of his land to call their own and welcoming them into the Lludd Clan.


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