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  • Dherer

    Dherer is the Celtoii name for the dwarven peoples of Brython. They are most like their Barsavian kin, but fewer in number and are known to seek the gold riches of Brython.

  • Dark Cloak

    These creatures are often mistaken for horror constructs, but are actually magically active creatures native to Brython. Fully active they are similar to the Barsavian Shadowmant, but are different in size and outlook. They measure an average of four …

  • Fir-Bolg

    The Fir-Bolg are a giant race that stride across the lands of Brython. Their massive size (usually at least fifteen feet tall, though the dreaded Balor is rumoured to be thirty feet tall) means they are feared by all but the most powerful (or stupid) of …

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