The pieces of Gwyddbwyll Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio have ceased their movements, and the men of silver have paused in their eternal struggle. Druid nor Vate can discern this cessation; magic no longer waxes nor wanes, but pauses.

Of the twenty clans that called Dan-Yr-Ogof their home during the dark times of the Frost-Heim, only twelve remain. Seven Human Kaings eye one another with age old mistrust even as they reside along with three Orc Lairds. Kavalan the Troll Thane sits in uneasy truce with Eshtef the Thane of the Dherer.

Culain, Human Kaing, first made call to leave our Caer, his court demanded true light upon their skin once more. The warriors wanted for gold and mead and freedom. The Vates and Druids called for new life, new blood. Whilst the mages, the bards and the sorcerers sought answers and power not held within their protective prison.

The other human tribes stayed silent, not wishing to show fear or volunteer their lives. Only Karmash of the Long Spear Orcs and Kavalan the Troll Thane stood up to be counted.

Even when Culain, Kaing of the Lludd Clan, named his terms for sending the first scouts – demanding first choice of land and taking the first choice amongst the livestock – they raised barely a murmur.

Four adepts left the Caer, each taking a dark arm of the compass. Three returned – the land was treacherous, misty, wet and dangerous – but the horrors had gone. Scars crossed the earth, but life could thrive once more.

Thus Culain has called together his adepts – three of four paths were clear, but Davidd Iron Arm and his cohorts had searched to the East – where Culain intended to take his clan. Now he calls for other Heroes, to find the coast and tell of the journey and dangers.

The day of light is today, the end of the Frost-Heim has come, our time to reclaim our homes has arrived.

Welcome to Brython

Brython is scourge era Britain, and the Celtoii are its Human inhabitants. The scourge in Brython was particularly harsh as there were few inhabitants in the first place, and thus fewer people to build Kaers and raise defences. Added to this, the scourge brought another horror to Brython – an ice age that saw massive glaciers cut across the lands further north and shrouded all in frost and snow.

The ice took a long time to retreat, and the few Kaers of Brython were wary to emerge. Thus it is that even the more southerly Kaers have only recently opened their doors (or whatever means of protection they used), and the inhabitants emerged blinking into the new age.

The land itself is often shrouded in mist and the frost still clings to the high hills, whilst the more sheltered valleys have yet to clear of snow. Massive forests adorn the landscape; dark, ominous and sheltering creatures both fantastical and terrible. Whilst the oceans and seas roil beneath high winds, and below the surfaces hunt beasts from nightmare.

For all that, the lands of Brython are rich – though most consider the dangers associated too great – the Celtoii people are hardy and brave. Red gold, True Elemental Kernals, silver and gemstones are all said to be found in this harsh land.

Into this the players have become one of those sun blinkered few, exploring the lands of magic and secret. Already there is evidence of strife and enemies unknown, but how or who or what will happen is still a future far from told.

Brython's Birth

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