Dan-Yr-Ogof is a natural cave system that has been enhanced and expanded by namegivers into a Kaer, consisting of hundreds of individual caves both large and small. This Kaer has supported a few thousand people through the scourge – consisting of Human, Orc, Troll and Dherer clans.

The entrance to the Kaer lay at the base of a high hill that was part of a deep valley. The front entrance is a massive set of stone doors, enchanted to open only with the administrations of druids and vates. If an enemy managed to bypass these great stone doors, they would have soon become lost or entranced by the maze of caves within. Several horrors and their allies were found up as the Kaer was closing because of these traps, and they may well have saved the Kaer through the scourge.

Of course the Kaer was not completely fool proof, and as much of it is natural canyons and corridors some wily horrors would occasionally breach the Kaer proper. Thus the history of the Kaer is one of legend and sadness – several tribes were wiped out completely attempting to drive out or fight the evils of the horrors, and the Bronze Eye tribe are only spoken of in whispers (and only amongst those who know what happened) after they were defeated by one particularly virulent horror.

The Kaer is now more roomy with the departure of the LLudd clan as well as their allies the Long Spear Orcs and the Stone Tusk Troll tribe. The remaining tribes await news from LLudd, biding their time to see if they will also take steps into the fresh air above.


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