Dark Cloak

These creatures are often mistaken for horror constructs, but are actually magically active creatures native to Brython.

Fully active they are similar to the Barsavian Shadowmant, but are different in size and outlook. They measure an average of four feet wide and their tails are flexible and leathery. Whilst they also have a row of small needle like teeth like the Shadowman, the Dark Cloak possesses two large hollow teeth that it uses to puncture holes into a victim’s neck and drain their blood.

As their name suggests, Dark Cloaks will attempt to drape themselves around the shoulders of a victim, to better sink its teeth into their neck and gorge on their blood. A Dark Cloak can gorge and bloat itself, allowing it to store the blood of two or three name givers within it.

They often hang limp and motionless in wait from tree boughs, watching for potential victims to pass beneath and allowing them to surprise ambush those below.

The outer skin of Dark Cloaks is highly waterproof and insulating, and two or three of the creatures can be used to make a namegiver sized cloak that also provides protection from attacks.

Dark Cloak

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