The Fir-Bolg are a giant race that stride across the lands of Brython. Their massive size (usually at least fifteen feet tall, though the dreaded Balor is rumoured to be thirty feet tall) means they are feared by all but the most powerful (or stupid) of creatures.
The Fir-Bolg are not, as some foolish namegivers suppose, idiotic giants that grind on the bones of the smaller races. If they are somewhat slow to answer it is because they prefer to ponder decisions and ensure they are giving the wisest of answers.

Fir Bolg are borne of the elements of the world, and many bear traits of these elements. They are oft also referred to that ‘kind’ of giant by the other races. The Fire, Earth and Air giants stride the land still with their half giant offspring forming their own clans (But remaining friendly to their full giant forebears). The Wood giants – also known as the Giant Kings – also journey to find new places to build their great castles and are more likely reside alongside their half-giant kin.

The Ice Giants were all turned or destroyed during the scourge, and many of the saddest songs are said to be sung by the Fir-Bolg as their loss is mounred.

Half Giants, are also known as the Fir-Bolg (though not true Fir-Bolg) tower over even trolls at around ten feet tall, the Fir-Bolg are also creatures of the elements. Their massive size gives them a prestigious strength and stamina, and their oversized weapons may strike fear into any namegiver foolish enough to anger them.

Half-Giants live long lives, up to five hundred years naturally. But much like their human and orc ancestors they strive for adventure and glory. Their reflexes are little inhibited by their size, however they are slow to thought and considered easily coerced and thus are seen by many other as stupid. This is, however, blatantly untrue – it is merely that Half-Giant’s prefer to consider their actions for longer than the smaller races.


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