Ten Tall

The Ten Tall Tribe are a group of Fir-Bolg Giant Kings (wood giants) and their offspring. They survived the Frost-Heim in a forest fortress that was built through a mix of magic and stone, protecting them from the horrific onslaught of the scourge.

The fortress survived, but only just, and their numbers were severely depleted. When the horrors finally pulled away a mere fifty Fir-Bolg and their kin remained. With heavy hearts they set out on the search for a new home, driving their cattle and taking their few possessions with them.

Along their journey the Fir-Bolg met with Vaargo, a Sidhe linked to the Lludd clan. He helped one of their own, a hardened warrior named Kronos who has been tipped for great feats in the future. Together they recovered the herd of the Laird of the Ten Tall (which had been rustled by an ogre) who owed their thanks to both.

Sadly for the Ten Tall, they were recently attacked by a group of namegivers bedecked in strange and foreign armour, and accompanied by wolves that descended from within a bank of frost and ice. Though Vaargo and Kronos returned too late to drive off the attack, their arrival allowed them to save the Kaing of the Ten Tall and several other of the clan.

Now the Ten Tall have joined the Lludd clan, and Vaargo has granted them half of his lands, and as such the Ten Tall have been given a chance to grow and rebuild.

Ten Tall

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